• Account 1: The portion of the RTR Funds that is allocated to counties along a toll corridor. (Formerly referred to as Near Neighbor Near Time Frame Funding)
  • Account 2: The portion of the RTR Funds that is allocated to all counties in the region based on the proportion of toll use from each county. (Formerly referred to as Emergency or Excess Revenue Funding)
  • Advances to Local Entities: Monies disbursed by TxDOT to local entities for managing approved projects. The funds are paid to the entity when the contract is executed, which occurs prior to project implementation.
  • Current Committed Projects: Projects that have been programmed from Available funds and approved by the Regional Transportation Council.
  • Concession Funds: A name often used for Regional Toll Revenue funds that were received by the region through the Comprehensive Development Agreement (CDA) process.
  • CMAQ: Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Improvement Program – Federal program that funds projects that contribute to improved air quality.
  • CSJ Number: Control Section Job Number - Used by TxDOT to track transportation projects.
  • Equity Reclassifications: Includes several different transactions that add to or exchange funds between fund accounts.
    1. - Reclassifications or funding adjustments between RTR Fund Accounts
    2. - Interest earned and received outside of the RTR Comptroller Accounts (Interest earned on Advance funds while held by local entities)
    3. - Other receipts or adjustments originating outside the TxDOT/Comptroller Fund environment
  • Funds for Future Projects: Funds available to place on future projects are calculated in the following way
    1. - Beginning Fund Balances
    2. - Plus Interest Received
    3. - Plus Toll Revenue
    4. - Plus (or Less) Equity Reclassifications
    5. - Less Current Committed Projects
    6. - Less Loan Committed Projects
    7. - Plus Loan Payoffs Received
  • Interest Earned: The amount of funds earned from funds in an interest bearing account.
  • Interest Received: Interest earned in each RTR Fund Account held in the Texas Comptrollers RTR Fund Accounts (Fund 6) and reported as "Received" in the following month statements.
  • Local Entity Expenditures: Amount of funds spent on projects for which the implementing agency has an “advance” (as defined above).
  • Local Entity Interest: Interest earned on Advances being held by local entities.
  • Loan Payoffs Received: Loan principal and interest payments made on RTR project loans.
  • MOU Project: Memorandum of Understanding Projects – document outlining several commitments to fund transportation projects in the region. The SH 121 MOU was signed in March 2005.
  • MPO: Metropolitan Planning Organization – A federally required planning body designated by the governor as being responsible, together with the state, for transportation planning in an urbanized area with a population more than 50,000. NCTCOG Transportation Department serves as the MPO for the Dallas-Fort Worth region.
  • NTTA: North Texas Tollway Authority - A political subdivision of the State of Texas under Chapter 366 of the Transportation Code empowered: to acquire, construct, maintain, repair and operate turnpike projects; to raise capital for construction projects through the issuance of Turnpike Revenue Bonds; and, to collect tolls to operate, maintain and pay debt service on those projects.
  • Project Disbursements: Amounts reported by TXDOT monthly on all RTR Projects and Advances to Local Entities by Account. On TxDOT implemented projects, disbursements indicate actual project expenditures. On “Advanced” projects, disbursements represent the amount of funds to advance to the local agency and not actual expenditures.
  • RTC: Regional Transportation Council is the independent transportation policy body of the Metropolitan Planning Organization. The RTC is responsible for overseeing the metropolitan transportation planning process including the selection and funding of transportation projects (includes RTR projects).
  • RTR: Regional Toll Revenues paid to the region for the construction of tolled projects. Currently this includes proceeds from SH 121, SH 161 and the President George Bush Turnpike – Eastern Extension (PGBT-EE) in the amount of $3,197,104,249 paid by NTTA for the right to own and operate the toll system on SH 121 for fifty years.
  • RTR Funds Balance: Provides the net of RTR Investment Balance to the investments being held by local entities by adding back the Advances and interest received and reducing the balance by the actual expenditures reported.
  • RTR Initial Allocation: Funds included in each original account's Opening Balance.
  • RTR Investment Balance: The net balance of initial allocation funds plus interest, loan payments and adjustments, less disbursements.
  • Senate Bill 792: The bill passed in the 80th Legislature, effective September 1, 2007, that expanded the use of comprehensive development agreements in the State of Texas.
  • Senate Bill 1420: The bill passed in the 82nd Legislature that further expanded the use of toll roads and comprehensive development agreements in the State of Texas.
  • Set Asides: Monies set aside for future projects within the East and West regions for specific counties or programs.
  • Surface Transportation Metropolitan Mobility: STP-MM Funds - Federal funds that are designed to fund surface transportation projects (as opposed to aviation or waterway projects) that improve the transportation system. This funding category is designed to fund mobility improvements within the transportation system.
  • STTC: Surface Transportation Technical Committee – Committee that reviews, comments on, and prepares recommendations regarding surface transportation planning and the funding of transportation improvements in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. The STTC consist of 73 members, predominantly engineers and other technical staff from local entities.
  • TIP Code: Transportation Improvement Program code for tracking funded projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth Region. Used by the MPO (vs. TxDOT CSJ)
  • Toll Revenue Received: Revenue Payments received from Toll Roads and HOV Lanes to be used for project funding.
  • TxDOT: The Texas Department of Transportation is the state agency responsible for planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining the state's transportation system in cooperation with local and regional officials.
  • Uncommitted Funds: Those funds that have not been programmed to a specific project from Available Funds.
  • RTR Account Naming conventions

County SH 121 SH 161
COLLIN RTR 121-CC1, RTR 121-CC2 RTR 161-CC2
DALLAS RTR 121-DA1, RTR 121-DA2 RTR 161-DA1, RTR 161-DA2
DENTON RTR 121-DE1, RTR 121-DE2 RTR 161-DE2
ELLIS RTR 121-EC1, RTR 121-EC2 RTR 161-EC2
HOOD RTR 121-HC1, RTR 121-HC2 RTR 161-HC2
HUNT RTR 121-HU1, RTR 121-HU2 RTR 161-HU2
JOHNSON RTR 121-JC1, RTR 121-JC2 RTR 161-JC2
KAUFMAN RTR 121-KC1, RTR 121-KC2 RTR 161-KC2
PARKER RTR 121-PC1, RTR 121-PC2 RTR 161-PC2
TARRANT RTR 121-TC1, RTR 121-TC2 RTR 161-TC1, RTR 161-TC2
WISE RTR 121-WC1, RTR 121-WC2 RTR 161-WC2